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Ardival Harps Scotland, historical harps, modern Clarsach

Argent Fox small harps, some cross strung models

Blevins Instruments Folk harp maker,  Colorado

Camac Productions France; pedal harps, lever harps

Caswell Harps Celtic harps, strings, accessories, Caswell HarpSound® system. California.

Elvenkings Harps by Norbert Maier. Historical Irish folk and wire, modern single-action, and custom-made harps with sculptures. In Austria.

Philippe SRL Clement Canadian maker of non pedal chromatic harps

Peter Demmerle in Schaffhausen, Switzerland makes replicas of the gothic harp and small lever harps after Beat Wolf’s models, and makes his own models.

Dusty Strings manufacturer of lever harps and dulcimers

Electric Harp Radical new alternatives in harps. USA.

The Fireside Harp Dave Magnuson at Backyard Music has a harp kit of a maple frame and corrugated sound box. “Light, durable wonderful singing harp.” $129. A built harp is $225. Levers can be added at $15 each.  Visit the website or call  203-281-4515.

Fisher Harps  Quality lever harps with Camac levers. In Winnipeg, Canada.

Tim Hampson, maker of historical harps including Welsh Triple, Arpa Doppia, Historical Pedal and Briggs style Clarsachs. England.

Harps and Harps Custom-made harps: single, double, triple, cross-strung in Queensland, Australia.

Harps of Lorien Therapy harps, high tension lever harps. New Mexico.

Heartland Harps, North Carolina. Custom lever harps; music, CDs, accessories.

Indra’s Celtic Harps: customized, meticulously handcrafted hand-built Celtic harps. Elegant and robust. Also on Facebook at "Indra's Celtic Harps".

Klangwerkstatt  André Schubert brings harp parts to harp-making courses throughout Europe.

David Kortier, Harpmaker Duluth MN, lever harps, electric and midi harps

Pedro Llopis Spanish maker of historical harps

Giovanni Lonardo, maker of lever harps in Mallorca, Spain

Lyon & Healy Chicago; Lyon & Healy and Salvi pedal harps, lever harps

Macdonald Harps.  Scotland (Isle of Skye). Handcrafted wire-strung Clarsachs

Marini Made Harps Pennsylvania. Lever harps and kinnors (King David's harp).

Mikel Harps: Lever Harps ranging from 22 to 40 strings harps. Recent purchasers say their harps are well made, reliable, and at affordable prices.

Mountain Glen Glen Hill, maker, elaborately carved harps a speciality.

Musicmakers Offering kits for lever harps and other instruments.

October Mountain Folk Harps Western Massachusetts. Custom built folk harps in four sizes.

Paraguayan Harp Kits John Kovacs makes 27 and 36-string Paraguayan harp kits - 5-hour assembly.

Dario Pontiggia in Milan, Italy makes the replica of the Louis XVI pedal harp after Beat Wolf’s model.

Pilgrim Harps England; lever harps, pedal harp

Rumor  Builds and repairs fine stringed instruments including modern and reproduction historical harps. In Portugal.

Salvi Harps Pedal and lever harps, accessories, more. Italian web site; North and South American web site.

Sandpiper Harps John Westling harpmaker, South American harps, other lever harps

Sassafrass Harps folk harps, USA

Bernhard Schmidt, Harpmaker – lever harps, electric harps and MIDI harps. Germany.

George Stevens, Luthier Maker of historical gut and wire strung harps, lutes and other early plucked instruments. England.

Stoney End small harps a speciality.

Swanson Harp Company Pedal harp maker

Teifi Harps, The Harp Centre of Wales, Llandysul, Wales. Folk and Celtic harps. Strings, rentals, music, accessories.

Thormahlen Harps Lever harp maker

Thurau Germany- maker of pedal harps, also historical replicas

Triplett Harps Lever harp maker, California

Vavra Harp Heirloom quality instruments that sound and look beautiful.

Venus Harps Pedal harp maker

Wind River Harps Dave Boling makes quality lever harps in Huntsville, Alabama.

Beat Wolf Switzerland, maker and restorer of early pedal harps. Beat has retired. Please see Dario Pontiggia and Peter Demmerle.


Building a Harp Inspired by the Castle Otway Harp, a pictorial from when the tree fell to finished instrument. Go to for more information about the builder.

Also of interest: The Randolph Wurlitzer Company, makers in the early 1900s of "automatic harps" and until 1935 of pedal harps, and  "The Harps of the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company"


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