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Contemporary Compositions for Harp

Some compositions include links to viewable and playable samples. Those marked with  are in PDF (viewable) format, and those marked with are in MP3 (playable) format. Click on the icons to view or hear samples of the compositions.
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Gilad Cohen:

Trio for a Spry Clarinet, Weeping Cello and Ruminating Harp (2010); duration 12 minutes.  Grand winner of the International Composition Competition of the American Harp Society in Dallas.  Commissioned and recorded by the Israeli Chamber Project.  Video/recording:  Score and parts: visit or

Firefly Elegy 
(2017) for clarinet, harp, violin, viola and cello.  Duration: 13 minutes.  Commissioned by Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund for the Israeli Chamber Project.  Live video: Score and parts: visit at or contact through (also at

Doaa and Masa
(2016) for harp solo.  Duration: 11 minutes.  Written for Sivan Magen with a grant from Ramapo College of New Jersey.  Live video: Score: visit at or contact through


François Couture:

La Suite au Chalet, Harp and Oboe or English Horn (2019) ; Duration 38 minutes – Suite of twelve movements. Recorded by Antoine Malette-Chénier and Jean-Luc Côté.

Score and parts:

La Suite Foraine, Harp, Flute and Viola (2015) ; Duration 57 minutes – Suite of twenty movements. Recorded by Trio Beau Soir.

Score and parts:


 Music: François Couture & Lyrics: Denis Veilleux

1917 Fatima 2017, Harp, Flute,Viola,3 voices(2 girls and 1 boys)and French Narration (2017) ; Duration 65 minutes – Suite of twenty six movements. Recorded by Trio Beau Soir. Gabrielle Lapointe, Félix-Antoine Lanthier, Eugénie Tremblay, Marie-Hélène Vézina. Commissioned by La Fondation Radio Galilée.  

Score and parts:


Michael Daugherty: (

 "Tell Tale Harp" for two Harps and Orchestra (2002) (second movement of Philadelphia Stories) commissioned by the Philadelphia Orchestra, duration: 10 minutes. For information contact: Michael Daugherty or


John Eaton (d. 2015):

In the Cave of the Sibyl: Sonority Movement" for 9 harps (or any multiple of 3) and flute; (1971); duration: 9 minutes; - recorded on Music by John Eaton, a CD by Indiana University Press.

Ajax  for 3 harps, bass-baritone and large chamber ensemble; (1972); duration: 12 minutes; Music Sales (AMP) - recorded on Music by John Eaton, a CD by Indiana University Press

Ars Poetica for harp, flute, violoncello and mezzo soprano; (1986); duration, 15 minutes - recorded on Music by John Eaton, a CD by Indiana University Press.

Songs of Despair for harp, large chamber ensemble and mezzo-soprano; (1987); duration 22 minutes

Notes on Moonlight for harp, flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon, percussionist, piano, string quartet, coloratura soprano and mezzo soprano; (1991); duration 24 minutes

Lettere for harp, flute, string quartet and mezzo soprano; (1994); duration, 17 minutes

Elegy for Jane for harp, mandolin, guitar and mezzo-soprano; (1999); duration, 12 minutes


Dennis Eberhard: (d. 2005)

To the End of the Dreamtime, concerto for harp and large orchestra, duration: ca 34 minutes (1988-91).

 Especially... for solo Harp, Peters Corporation, NYC., duration: ca 12 minutes (1983).

Berceuse for Clarinet, Harp and String Orchestra, Shawnee Press, Marshalls Creek, PA , duration: ca 10. minutes (1989).

Encontros (Cadenzas & Interludes) for violin, cello and harp, duration: ca 24 minutes (1990).


Fatrock Ink Music Publishers: (

New solo and chamber works for harp by 20th and 21st century composers. Includes student repertoire and recordings.

The President and founder of Fatrock Ink is Marcia Dickstein, harpist of The Debussy Trio. Marcia is very active in encouraging and commissioning composers to write for the harp, especially in chamber music. Fatrock Ink endeavors to make sure that this music is made available to harpists around the world. Additionally, they are constantly adding new works at various levels of difficulty, including music that is appropriate for non-pedal harp and for harp students to play with school orchestras.


Monica Houghton:  (

Villa Dallas (Pantoum)  for harp, soprano voice and clarinet (2001); duration 8 minutes. Interested persons may visit and choose the contact feature to request a copy of the score and parts.


Nigel Keay (

Terrestrial Mirror, a 3-movement piece for flute, viola and harp. (2008). 15+ minutes. Go to for an audio of the 2nd movement as well as a free download of the complete score and parts.


Igor Krivokapič:

Zvočne pripovedi ozarjenega večera /Sonic Tales of Sunset Evening for English horn and harp (1999); comissioned by harpist Nicoletta Sanzin and English horn player Melina Todorovska, duration:  5 minutes 10 seconds.

Capriccio for E-flat clarinet and harp (2001); comissioned by clarinetist Jože Kotar and harpist Nicoletta Sanzin; dur: 9 minutes 15 seconds; recorded on CD Collage by Jože Kotar and Nicoletta Sanzin by ZKP RTS (for information contact: ); published as Sloway No. 0070 by Sloway Music Editions

Jesenske Povedi/ Autumn Tales for flute, viola and harp (2001); comissioned by Trio Mélisande, duration: 18 minutes 33 seconds.

Suite Barboletta for marimba and harp (2002); comissioned by marimba player Barbara Kresnik and harpist Nicoletta Sanzin; dur: 15 minutes 18 seconds. Published by HoneyRock (for information contact: ).


Fredric Lissauer:

Trio Fantasia, Op. 23 for flute (alt. g-alto), viola and harp (1992), duration: 10 minutes. For information contact

Portrait. Op. 33 ('New York in September')  for b-flat clarinet, dbl. e-flat alto saxophone, violin, harp, piano, chanteuse or crooner (2000-01), duration: 9 minutes. For information contact

Etude, Op. 40 ('Morning Glories on a Stone Wall') for two pedal harps (2004), duration: 5 minutes. For information contact


Lior Navok (

Lior Navok has written extensively for the harp; each of the links lead to a specific page of the work, where people can listen and purchase

East of the Cane Fields
Instrumentation: Harp solo 
Duration: 8 Minutes

A'l Mishcavi Baleylot
(Upon my bed by night) 
Instrumentation: soprano and Harp
Text from “The Song Of Songs II”
Duration: 5 Minutes

Veiled Echoes  
Instrumentation: flute, viola and Harp
Duration: 15 Minutes

Quartet for flute, clarinet bassoon and Harp  
Instrumentation: flute/piccolo; clarinet; bassoon and Harp
Duration: 27 Minutes

Spring Calls 
Instrumentation: soprano, flute, viola, cello and harp
Text from “The Song Of Songs III”
Duration: 11 Minutes


Joseph Russo (

Septet "Distant Light" (2007)
Instrumentation:  Flute, Clarinet, Harp, String Quartet (2 violins, l viola, 1 cello)
Type:  tonal, 3 movements -- Allegro, Andante, Allegro (Variations)
Duration:  23 minutes
To hear the audio sound files of my Septet visit my website.


F L Dunkin Wedd (

Duologue (2002) - 4 movements for flute and harp 16’.
- First performance: 1 February 2003, Anna Wynne & Rachael Osborn-Smith, Tudeley, Kent.

Of Men and Buses (2004) - an unserious song for soprano and harp, 3’.
- First performance: 13 November 2006, Sarah-Jane Dale & Luisa-Maria Ovett, The Banqueting House, Whitehall, London.

Love, 1916 (2006) - Setting of poetry by May W Cannan and others. SSA & harp, with soprano solo, 4’.
- First performance: 31 March 2007, The Thursday Choir, Sue Wight, Tudeley, Kent..


Benoit Wery

Ballade pour harpe solo 2023

Sonatine pour Flûte et Harpe  2014 

Barcarolle Concertante for Celtic harp and string orchestra or quartet 

Concertino Mystique for harp and string orchestra 2012

Several more compositions for concert hall and pedagogy.


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