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Our mission is to gather and share information on all kinds of harps and harp music that is suitable for harp students, teachers, composers and the general public.

In this site, you will find photos, essays, artwork, and information about music for the harp. Historical harp, folk harp, pedal harp and harp building; resources for composition, playing styles and technique; the harp in ensembles, various folk, jazz/pop and ethnic harps. All these are a part of the spectrum.

As well, this site includes some audio clips and images so that you can see and hear samples of the harps talked about, as well as the artists who play them. We hope that these will greatly enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the diverse articles that we're presenting.


Harp Strings, from Guts to Gold

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We are discontinuing our annual summer harp camps section.
However, the journal Harp Column has an excellent online list that you can find at

We hope you have a wonderful camp experience!

Hanging up our hats!

Back at the beginning in 1999, we thought of Harp Spectrum as a CD to sell. Then a tech-savvy visitor to our organizational meeting said, "No, you want a website that you can make grow." The website idea was pretty new to us, but we soon realized its value and have happily proceeded to add more and more articles and information.

Now, after 23 years, we have passed on the legacy of Harp Spectrum to a new harpist who will be maintaining and adding to the site moving forward. Thank you for your many visits, your interest and your support through the years!

Joyce Rice, former website director
Bob Zawalich, former webmaster

Canadian harpist Hannah Warren will be maintaining the site moving forward. If you have any ideas or suggestions for Harp Spectrum, they are always welcome to hannah@harpspectrum.org!