Historical Harp
Picture of Louis XVI harp
Louis XVI harp
Denis O'Hampsey, His Style and Technique
by Ann Heymann

The Harp and The Celtic Mystique in the Middle Ages
by Carol Wood

King David's Harp
by John Wheeler

The Louis XVI Harp
by Beat Wolf

The Medieval Harp
by Cheryl Ann Fulton

The Spanish Double Harp (Arpa de dos ̣rdenes)
by Hannelore Devaere

Early Scandinavian Sources to Harps and Harp Playing
by Lia Lonnert

The Eighth Pedal - Fact or Fiction?
by Mike Parker

The Inventor of the Double-Action Pedal Harp with Fourchettes: Erard versus Groll
by Mike Baldwin

The Dilling Model Single-Action Harp: A Short Version of the Long Backstory
by Joyce Rice

The Golden Lyre of Ur
by Tristan Le Govic

Ireland's Harp: A Story of Survival and the Shaping of Irish Identity
by Mary Louise O'Donnell

Karol Groll: the Forgotten Polish Inventor of the Modern Harp
by Anna Sikorzak-Olek 

Marie Antoinette, Harpist
by Joyce Rice


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