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Adlais Music Publishers - specialists in Welsh harp music.

Association des Harpistes et des Amis de la Harpe - French language international harp site.

A Guide to Harp Notation Used in the Compositions of Bernard Andrès by Isabelle Perrin and Barbara Fackler. Video also available on the Web.

BBR Woodworks  Handcrafted, custom built harp benches or stools that fit your body and personality perfectly by means of personal design, wood choice, finish, upholstery & dimensions.

Computerized music stand (Freehand Systems) Eliminate page turning and lugging heavy book collections with this device in which you can scan all your music and turn the page with a finger or pedal touch.

CP Cases  Long-lasting, rugged flight cases made from best raw materials, highest quality hardware and strongest riveting techniques. Located in United Kingdom.

Crafty Harp -  harpy gifts, stationery, apparel, education awards, much more.

The Dusty Strings Duo-tune, a handy tuning device that combines the Snark electronic tuner with Dusty Strings' ergonomic hardwood tuning wrench, eliminates the need to juggle a tuner, a clip-on pickup and a wrench. Three sizes.

Ray Doherty Flight Cases  - Custom made, lightweight, durable wheeled cases for your folk harp. Located in Dublin, Ireland.

Harp Decals  - Removable decorative harp decals in many designs.

The Harp Mall  - Harpists, teachers, harps, cases, kits, technicians, etc.

Harps UK - links to international harpmakers, shops, resources, discussion groups.

International Harp Archives - English language international harp site.

Trifibre Flight Cases:   Manufacturers and Suppliers of Custom Made Flight Cases. Flight Cases for all sizes to protect your equipment from getting damaged. Located in Leicester, England.

The UK Harpists Directory - UK Harpists available for weddings, corporate events, recitals and other functions.

U. S. Teacher Directory - State-by-state list of harp teachers.

Three CDs of Folk Harp Journal compilations:
1. FHJ Sheet Music, Vol. 1 (170 printable songs, 25 articles)
2. The Science of Harp Making (150+ pages of information)
3. FHJ Harp Plans (25 scale drawings, 50 articles) (click on Folk Harp Journal), or call 800-432-5487.

Do you Teach Piano, Too?
Educational Piano Resources 


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